This Privacy Policy explains how personal data might be collected from users of Dialog - from now on referred to as the app - how they are stored, processed and used by the app.

Your provided data

As a user, you will be required to provide login credentials – such as a token – to the app. Once provided, your login credentials will be used by the app for the sole purpose of connecting to on your behalf, and only when your explicit interactions within the app require such credentials.

Your login credentials will be stored securely in the app’s private directory, and remain there until you explicitly remove them via device’s Settings, or when you uninstall the app.

Required permission

If running Android Marshmallow (6.0) and above, you will be asked permission for your location only if you choose to enable the automatic app theme, while Lollipop (5.0) will request this upon install. This is to determine the correct day/night schedule for the change to occur. Your location is not used for any other purpose nor is it distributed in any way.

Collection of anonymous data for analytics

While you are interacting with the app, anonymous information regarding your device might be collected for the purpose of crash reporting and usage monitoring related to the app. The information collected helps identify app defects and popular features, that would serve as guidelines for the app’s future improvements.

Analytics data collected includes solely those permitted by Android platform without any extra permissions, and are not shared with any other third party services except the ones that the app relies on for data collection.